As a visual artist I enjoy responding to the world around me. From the vastness of a landscape to the textures of a weathered outcrop I am inspired by the way light affects and changes, often in a relatively short space of time, what I can see. 

My initial training was in ceramics and I specialised in sculptural pieces for many years - however I am sometimes frustrated by the slow process of working with this medium. Excited by the immediacy of paint on paper I am now exploring acrylic paint and inks to respond to my love of colour, texture and line.

Inspired particularly by the west coast of Ireland and other ‘wild’ places, I work initially from the quick water colour sketches I make as I interpret the landscape around me. Once in the studio these are used, along with photographs, to explore more fully my emotional response. Collage and textiles are often a starting point and using a variety of ways of applying gesso and paint I build up texture and colour to create the memories of place in the images I create. With my more abstract work, incorporating text into the final piece can introduce a further layer of meaning.  

However my early love of working with clay has not left me! The more sculptural pieces are being replaced by experimenting with a more painterly approach as I use clay as an alternative medium to responding to the world around me.

I have been blogging about my varied artistic explorations since 2009. You can keep up with my posts and news hereI also have a small selection of work available for purchase on my Etsy shop, but please feel free to get in touch if you see something on the website that you're interested in and can't find on Etsy.

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